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   Zinc anodes                                 Aluminium anodes

To protect steel construction from sea water corrosion being an electro chemical process. The electrical current generated from the anodes flows through the sea water and protects the steel by sacrificial corrosion of the anodes fitted.

Zinc anodes are widely adopted for protecting of steel construction from corrosion in seawater. The Zinc anodes are manufactured from Special Grade Zinc, 99.995% pure, the highest grade of zinc available. 

No sparking problem, highest current efficiency, react as corrosion inhibitors.

The performance of the aluminium anodes is effected by the chemical composition of the alloy, we have different alloy series to meet customer's request.

Lightweight, highest current efficiency, uniform anode consumption.

Special specification anodes can be manufactured according to customer's request.

Please send us your requisitions which our corrosion engineers will handle.

Key Benefits

Sacrificial anodes available in various types also according to your specifications.
All marine applications
Bolt-on and weld-on types
Competitive pricing

Applied to:

- Ship's hull and stern parts

- Ballast Tanks

- Crude Oil Tanks

- Pipelines in seawater

- Drilling rigs


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